dgjDwight Jones, 
CEO studied physics and biosciences at McGill, Simon Fraser and Berkeley. With expertise in optimizing networks, he pioneered  BBS and Internet services in the 1980′s. As a software developer his firm Imagen used fractal compression to send images over telephone lines, from his ISP networks.  His focus now is on Poort casings and their role as a Web resource in the medical, home and business workplaces.                   

Angeline BiersteeDirector has 15 years in cardiac research, and two decades in ICU management as perspective on the realities and opportunities around defibrillation delivery. Currently she is Manager, Emergency Services at Lion’s Gate Hospital (Vancouver). Educated at Schothorst Amersfoort, Holland, she brings inside knowledge of cardiac care delivery to Elevaed.

Markianna Jones, International Sales Manager uses her past expertise as a commercial airline pilot  toward aircraft and marine applications.

Craig Jones, Operations Manager, has been in medical device manufacturing for 25 years.