DGJ171Dwight Jones, CEO is a longtime communications developer. He studied physics and biosciences at McGill, Simon Fraser and Berkeley. With expertise in network design he pioneered BBS and Internet services in the 1990′s. His software firm Imagen developed network analysis utilities, and built two wireless networks as the founding ISP for BC’s Gulf Islands. A former computer manufacturer and laboratory owner, his focus now is on medical safety within high population city districts.

aj100Angeline Bierstee, VP Medical has 15 years in cardiac research, and two decades in ICU management as perspective on the realities and opportunities around medical technology and delivery. Currently she is the Emergency and ICU Manager at a major Vancouver hospital. More than 25 years’ experience includes Clinical Preceptor for Paramedics and SAR Tech of Canada at the Justice Institute of British Columbia, and Research Coordinator Clinical Trials at Cardiology Research. Education: Schothorst Amersfoort, Holland. She brings inside knowledge of emergency care delivery to Elevaed.