Pilot: Regulated Mobile Telemedicine Network

Jun 11th, 2015 | By

This pilot will evolve best practices for mobile telemedicine by telemedics in the field, bonding communications and data with documented patients, toward an unprecedented standard of emergency care.

The Sad Statistics Around Cardiac Arrest Survival

May 11th, 2015 | By

The statistics are harsh – and they document failure – this legacy system cries out for VEI (Very Early Intervention) by a healthcare professional, as the optimal human partner.

Canada drug trial could be pivotal for stroke patients

Apr 11th, 2015 | By

This revolutionary stroke neuro-protectant needs to be onsite and in the fridge. Right there in the field station.

Community Paramedicine Survey

Mar 17th, 2015 | By

A summary of evidence that provides background and research perspective for the implementation of paramedicine in community, i.e., the expanded roles and scopes of paramedics.

NIH Launches Trials to Evaluate CPR and Drugs

Feb 3rd, 2012 | By

The continuing study of adjunct treatments for SCA; see also CPAP and the recent doubts about epinephrine

Study Quantifies EMS Delays in High Rises

Apr 16th, 2011 | By

Significant delays present when accessing patients in high-rise buildings and evacuating them to the hospital.

EMS Response Times from National Database

Apr 14th, 2011 | By

US National NEMSIS cardiac arrest elapsed patient care times as an average (table) and as a 90th Fractile (graph).

Paramedic response time: does it affect patient survival?

Apr 13th, 2011 | By

Pivotal 2005 study establishes no survival benefit from EMS arrival within 8 min – only if within 4 min.