Pilot: Regulated Mobile Telemedicine Network

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This is a two year project to evaluate mobile telemedicine within Canadian EMS, to engage physicians and to develop protocols and training for advanced services by field telemedics.


Utilizing Blackberry’s secure infrastructure and devices, field paramedics and physicians will affirmatively partner to establish a definitive medical network for mobile telemedicine. Suitable for emergency or scheduled sessions, this regulated network will improve clinical decision making, and introduce a safe medical and business environment accessible to other healthcare professionals.

The Proposed Facility

A heritage-style former armoury built in the 1990’s, it has one interior service bay where ambulances can be configured for communications and given light maintenance. It is strategically positioned within a few blocks of the 2nd Narrows Bridge, Upper Levels Hwy 1, Capilano University and numerous deep sea terminals.



Available facility on Mountain Hwy North Vancouver

Robustly constructed with well partitioned spaces for computer programmers and technicians monitoring video sessions, the property offers 7,843 sq. ft. of multipurpose space, seven parking spaces, and 200A/3 phase power.

Shared work and expertise ambience As an appealing three story ‘roadhouse’ ideally situated for a posting and meal stop for ambulances near these busy crossroads, this station can possibly replace the STN 256 Annex location for covering the Seymour/Deep Cove area.

With a full kitchen and office area on its upper level shared with paramedics, programmers, technicians, students and working physicians, the facility combines conventional ambulance with telemedicine research operations, as one integrated community.

In this Network Operations Center (NOC) the team works toward implementing a common, authoritative and regulated medical network that can be replicated across Canada and beyond. The facility serves as a live training base for mobile telemedics and partnering physicians.

A Research Center for Mobile Telemedicine

Whether for emergency or routine sessions, telemedicine will be delivered into the wider community over an approved medical network as an extension of EMS communications. Secure cellular networks and databases, onsite or in the cloud, will use the Blackberry BES12 EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) platform, at its highest security standard, to oversee and configure all field and onsite devices, and archive their associated data.

NOC Interior

Overview of a typical NOC   Status monitors (front), backbone overview (back)

The project will begin by refurbishing the premises, then assembling the telemedicine utilities and hardware to create a Blackberry solution that communicates with patients and field station sites, partner nodes and networks, while remaining centered on 911 interactions and physician decisions.

Standards and Compliance

To fully comply with the Professional Standards and Guidelines of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, the project creates one regulated medical network. The proactive support of physician associations provides regulatory structure for telemedicine’s implementation, and maintains the public’s medical safety.

Block EMS Studies

In the 2nd year field medics deliver telemedicine sessions within emergency and routine settings, and document their neighborhoods. Block EMS in pursuit of VEI (3-5min intervention) and telemedicine for improved clinical decisions and triage are evaluated together; covering high rises in upper Lonsdale or particular layouts – Lonsdale Quay/Seabus, Capilano University, waterfront industrial docks, Deep Cove village.

Within field stations patient contacts and telemedicine can be conducted using a fixed cellular setting with automated connections to high-bandwidth, genome-level diagnostics and supercomputer treatment plans – the very frontiers of modern medicine.

Proposed Project Partners

Public Health Agency of Canada
Canadian Medical Association
American Heart Association
BC Ministry of Health
Provincial Health Services Agency
BC Ambulance Service
Blackberry Ltd.
PHEMI Health Systems
Elevaed Medical Inc.

Consultants  Elevaed Medical Inc.

Dwight Jones, the CEO of Elevaed is a communications developer who has produced terminal, network analysis and billing programs for network administration since 1990. Cardz BBS fractal imaging and the founding Gulf Islands ISP via E1 radio were among his innovations. As a consultancy since 2009 Elevaed has specialized in high rise life safety and fixed cellular communications.





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