Short Technical Bio for Dwight Jones

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Very Short Tech BIO

Dwight Gilbert Jones                                          

Public Safety Consultant

Disclosure – Jones is CEO of Elevaed Medical Inc., a Northwest life safety company.

Relevant factoids

  • Computer assembly  1987-1993

Cardz Computers (Owner, Vancouver)

The largest regional computer retailer in this period, Cardz introduced 386 and 486 motherboards to western Canada.  Cardz BBS was the West’s salient bulletin board, and pioneered Internet access.

  • Wireless Networks  (owner) 1993-2001

Imagen Communications linked the residents of British Columbia’s major Gulf Islands (Saltspring, Galiano, Pender, Mayne etc.) with two wireless networks from local mountains – bringing the Net early to rural citizens,

  • Software Development 1989-Present

Imagen Technologies  Its Fracterm terminal programs were the first to transmit images in real time (over 14.4 modems) using fractal compression, before the advent of jpeg. Followed by 6 years of network analysis and billing software development.

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  1. Glen Taylor says:

    Hi Dwight. I was sitting here going through my old computer stuff, and there on the shelf is my first PC: a Cardz 386/25 “CAD 25”. There is not actually much left from the original computer other than the case. It was upgraded several times and ended up with a Gainbery 586 CPU in it (after the Cyrix 486sx). I still have the original ad from the Computer Paper and the invoice for $5010.62, which included a Panasonic dot matrix printer and multisync VGA monitor. I probably spent another couple thousand on it over the years in larger hard drives, motherboards, CPUs, monitors, printers, CD drives, sound and video card upgrades. It still runs Windows ME. I bought it out of my own pocket and took it to work with me (Aurel Systems) and my boss (Larry Wasik) promptly requisitioned it for compiling because it was way faster than his IBM 286 box. Anyway, thought that you would be amused to know that there is still at least one survivor out there that has the Cardz logo on it. Best Regards, Glen T.

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