Ambulance Officials Downgrade Chest Pains, Admit to 10 minute Response

Emergency officials are defending changes such as downgrading “chest pains” and averaging 10 minutes in cities. AEDs have a 4 min limit, and dying people no patience.

Overdose Pandemic


We need the right tools to tackle the overdose pandemic

As overdose deaths surge, the existence of an antidote as effective as Naloxone is making itself evident. Too bad the medical associations can’t show more leadership on this critical issue.


Naloxone epi-pen by prescription is just the first step

The FDA approved the equivalent of an “epi-pen” for overdose prevention, an antidote auto-injector that even untrained people can use to save the lives of those who have overdosed on drugs like Vicodin or heroin.


New York Police Given Kits to Combat Overdoses

The availability of naloxone/narcan as a nasal spray holds much promise for its wider deployment.


Attorney General says heroin overdoses are ‘an urgent and growing public health crisis’

“It makes sense to focus attention on the most dangerous types of drugs.”

youth OD

Another plea for Naloxone deployment

For too many, ‘protection’ by the government leads to their needless death.


Heading off a Junkie Nation

With “deaths from narcotic painkillers, or opioids, quadrupling since 1999″ wider distribution of Narcan (anti-opioid) is critical.


A Life-Saving Drug Out of Reach

Naloxone is a benign drug that CPR volunteers could use to rescue overdose victims, who now outnumber auto fatalities.

Tandem AED/EMS

No-Hope Highrise to HeartSmart Community with Tandem AED/EMS

The Tandem AED/EMS strategy has an in-house AED delivering its lifesaving treatment well within four minutes. EMS then arrives some minutes later to consolidate the rescue.

Response Times

ambulance back in the day

Giving up on Urgent Medical Emergencies

Adding two minutes to the “8:59 standard” leaves a trail of dead and brain damaged victims everywhere. But in high rises, which already take an estimated 2 more minutes to access, they had may as well ask the coroner to saddle up the horses and roll the morgue wagon one more time.

Fire Department responses

Dispatch lag slows Los Angeles FD call response

Dispatchers obviously need more autonomy, and less data entry, before sending.


Stroke: Time is brain in delivering EMS care

EMS1 is the leading website and news service for EMS people, and this ‘blog’ is a sterling example of its quality information.


The Ongoing Ambulance Response Time Debate

“Matt Zavadsky dared to ask a provocative question in his presentation at the American Ambulance Association conference this past November, “Do Ambulance Response Times Really Matter?”


iLamp Counter Computer

The Shocking Truth about Defibrillators

Elevaed’s Dwight Jones explains his new deployment topology, termed “distributed AEDs”.

100 defibs

Extreme AED Deployment is Expensive

AED overkill is expensive and presents educational issues (even in a university) when multiple brands are involved…

Lobby AED

Heart Safety Co-ops, Commercial AEDs to protect High Rises

Heart safety co-ops may improve serious emergency survivability from <8% to 50% plus.

ICC Committee

Elevaed Code Provisions for AEDs in Elevator Lobbies is Rejected

The NFPA and IFC both rejected Elevaed’s proposals to place AEDs in high rises. EMS is a closed shop, and will not admit that they very rarely get to victims in high rises under ten minutes, which is far too late. We will have to save ourselves, and pay them as well.



How CPR Became So Popular

‘Medical creep’ happens when doctors perform procedures or prescribe treatments for patients in the absence of clear evidence that patients will benefit.

heart safety

Cheap health insurance vs our deadliest threat

Given our overweight and aging boomer generation, expect heart safety to emerge as a welcome and affordable concept.

LIFEPAD Recessed

Questions & Answers about AEDs and PADs

Common questions about AEDs and Public Access Defibrillation (PADs), with answers from the American Heart Association


Red Cross offering “Citizen CPR” training

The American Red Cross now offers Citizen CPR training, a brief course in providing hands-only CPR to victims of cardiac arrest.



People who live in poorer areas at more risk for SCA

If there is an elevator, put a PAD in the lobby and watch poor people save themselves. Safety is cheaper than a TBI for all concerned.


NIH Launches Trials to Evaluate CPR and Drugs

The continuing study of adjunct treatments for SCA; see also CPAP and the recent doubts about epinephrine


Study: One-fifth of AED failures traced to battery, power problems

Evidently more AEDs should be in powered and networked enclosures – not bare.

Survival Study

AED Use: Survival before EMS Study

Application of an AED in communities is associated with nearly a doubling of survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.